Bejo has been an important supplier for the organic grower. The seeds for the organic customer are only subjected to organically certified physical treatments. The organic activities are coordinated by the business unit “Bejo Organic”. Contact your local Bejo representative or dealer for varietal information and availability of organic seed in your country.

Bejo’s Organic Seed Program

  • Breeding, production, processing, coating and sales of organic seed
  • The same top quality seed as conventional seed


  • Availability of organic seed for over 150 varieties in 40 species
  • Market leader in organic biennial vegetable seed


Breeding of unique varieties…

  • We use the incompatibility characteristic of the Brassica Oleracea to avoid inbred plants in the resultant hybrid, instead of CMS by protoplast fusion
  • We assess the suitability of new crosses on trial fields on organic farms in many countries

Processing to top quality seed…

  • Eliminate seed borne diseases with hot water treatment
  • Research to develop new treatments against seed borne diseases, e.g. steam
  • Researching the incorporation of micro-organisms into organic seed coating

Production of organic seeds...

  • In the most suitable climatic conditions
  • On production fields in France, Italy, USA and New Zealand
  • With skilled people to achieve high quality seed harvests

Sales with a whole chain approach…

  • Providing technical knowledge and professional service to growers
  • Close contact with both the food industry and multiple retailers
  • Close consultation on seed issues effecting the organic movementor